The Cluster Wave Experiment Consortium


This is the home page of the Cluster Wave Experiment Consortium (WEC). WEC comprises five of the eleven instruments on the ESA Cluster satellites. Click on the acronym to view each instrument home page.

Acronym Instrument Principal Investigator Affiliation City Country
DWP Digital Wave Processor Hugo Alleyne University of Sheffield Sheffield United Kingdom
EFW Electric Fields and Waves Mats André

(Georg Gustafsson)

Swedish Institute of Space Physics (IRF) Uppsala Sweden
STAFF Spatio-Temporal Analysis of Field Fluctuations Nicole Cornilleau-Wehrlin Centre d'ètude des Environnements Terrestre et Planétaires (CETP) Vélizy France
WBD Wide-Band Data Donald Gurnett University of Iowa Iowa City USA
WHISPER Waves of High Frequency and Sounder for Probing of Electron Density by Relaxation Pierrette Décréau Laboratoire de Physique et Chimie de l'Environnement (LPCE) Orléans France

The Wave Experiment Consortium is coordinated by a WEC Chairman, a duty which circulates between different groups:

Time period WEC Chairman Affiliation
        -1991 Alain Roux CETP
1992-1993 François Lefeuvre LPCE
1994-1995 Arne Pedersen ESTEC
1996-1998 Alain Roux CETP
1999- Per-Arne Lindqvist KTH

WEC Operations are coordinated by a WEC Operations Group, lead by Keith Yearby, University of Sheffield.

The scientific analysis of Cluster WEC data is done with ISDAT, an Interactive Science Data Analysis Tool developed at the Swedish Institute of Space Physics, Uppsala. Cluster Prime and Summary Parameters are obtainable from the Cluster Science Data System (CSDS).

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