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Welcome to the Scandinavian Data Centre

This page provides access to data from the Cluster mission. See the Database Contents page to see what data is currently available. Click here for rules of use, or see the CSDS Users Guide. See the New Features page for an overview of some of the changes to the CSDS.

Prime Parameter data These data have spin (~4s) resolution and are available from each of the four Cluster spacecraft.
Summary Parameter data These data have a one-minute resolution and come from a single spacecraft.
JSOC Events Catalogues These files have public access and contain spacecraft positions, orbital and scientific events. Data are provided by the Joint Science Operations Centre.
Summary plots These plots are publicly accessible and available for download in zip format.
Quicklook Plots These are unvalidated quicklook plots of data from one spacecraft. They are available within several days of the data being acquired on the spacecraft.

Expert users may prefer to use this link here.

In case of problems contact SDC-Adm@plasma.kth.se